Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Fun Three....

Sunday I had a wonderful time with this fun, laid back, family of three. Justine is graduating this year and Charlene wanted me to capture some family photos of this very special time. Justine was home schooled and is going to be a famous costume designer some day! This family was so much fun and I hope they had as great of a time as I did during our time together. Their house is tucked away in TONS of trees, beautiful landscaping, gorgeous scenery and GORGEOUS stone work that Brad did himself. He owns his own business called Stone Edge Surfacing while Charlene owns a spa in Charlotte called The Porch Swing Spa. WOW- both parents being business owners, can you say inspiration for me? Yes! This family is so creative, I'm a little intimidated to show them my creative side that's been hiding in me for 26 years! Guys, I hope you love these as much as I do! Good luck to you all and especially you, Justine, I know you're going to be a success Girl!

That's Brad's cap and gown she's wearing!

We were cracking up at how hilarious the cat was! He wanted to be in EVERY shot!!

Justine wrote a song for her parents 25th wedding anniversary, can you sense the talent in this family?

Gorgeous family, wrapped in God's sun, sitting on something made with love by Dad- Love it!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

coming up

stay tuned for some exciting stuff! i have been craving a session and have one coming up at the end of this month. it feels like forever since i've been behind my camera with new faces in front of it and i'm really looking forward to it! the fam and i are going to topsail island in the morning and won't be back until tuesday afternoon. the laptop is going too, however, it's for isaac's school work only so you will probably see no sign of me online for the next few days. i am praying that this beach trip will renew my soul and energize my body. i have been in SERIOUS need of a vacation for a while! i am also taking a new book, "the shack," and i am super duper excited about reading it on the beach. i am hoping at some point i get the opportunity to do this while isaac is inside doing school work and jonah is napping. is that bad? i need some me time. badly. i am also hoping to reconnect with my hubs and enjoy some qt with him. not to mention JONAH'S FIRST TRIP TO THE BEACH....can you say exciting? wow. i can't wait to see his face. :o) Yippee, can't wait for the am. salty air. sand. sun. aaaahhhhhhhh........ below is a few picture from our trip to topsail last year. i was 6 months pregnant and we were making pictures to put in jonah's nautical nursery. the one of isaac and me together was taken with the ol' self timer. all of these were taken with my old kodak point and shoot digital. still love that camera.