Sunday, September 13, 2009


i am so frustrated. like really frustrated. first of all, for the past few weeks i have been feeling like a failure with photography. i am so passionate about it and i l-o-v-e doing it, but i want to be MUCH BETTER but i don't know how. do i need better lenses? do i need more practice? do i need training? do i need time? i think i could answer yes to all of these.... no i know i can. but how? or when? uggghhhhh. why is there not enough time, or money?

second, i have one blog follower. my loyal sister and friend Christy. i know other people look at it, they have to! it's been mentioned to me before. so people, help a sista out and click "follow" to follow me. it will give a huge boost of self confidence.

third, and most frightening, something is wrong with my camera. i am getting an error message (err 99 to be exact), which i have somewhat researched, that tells me to either turn my camera off and on again or take out the battery and put it back in. wtfrench? it started at the beach, where i shouldn't have even taken the durn thing. but then again, if i hadn't i wouldn't have gotten the gorgeous photos of jonah and me courtesy of my lovely friend, angela.

so, now that i've complained long enough, i am going to try to figure out this error message thing i am getting and maybe start a fan club on facebook. i feel like i need to step up my game. ;) happy sunday everyone!

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  1. I think you do an incredible job and I love following your blog, alot of times just for your inspirational words!!! I love you and just know within yourself that you are an amazing person and I love you dearly<3