Monday, October 12, 2009

can i get a woop woop?!?!?

i got my camera back today from canon. it's in one piece, which i was quite nervous about and seems to be working fine. yippee! i dropped my brother's nikon off this afternoon and now i'm back in the game my 'lil canon baby! i want a new camera, but it will come with time. for now, i'll continue shooting with my rebel. :o) happy monday all!

<3 CJ

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh.. to be 17 again.....

I met Angie almost 3 years ago when I started at Wachovia after Isaac and I had moved here. She is such a sweetheart and I definitely consider her to be a friend. She has a country accent like I do and we hit it off from the first day we met. I always ask her to be my "NC Mom" since my Mom is still in TN and she always agrees! When she asked me to photograph her daughter, Brittany, for her senior pictures I was so excited! I had met Brittany once before and had seen various pictures of her that Angie has adorned her desk with and always thought she was simply beautiful. Angie has also told me stories about Brittany and how hilarious she is! We all had a great time capturing these photographs and laughed A LOT! Thanks Brittany for being gorgeous and adorable all at the same time! You were a joy to photograph and made my job so easy! Angie- thank you for obsessing over each strand of Brittany's hair and making sure each one was in the right place. As you said, it paid off! I hope you both are super excited about these and the rest.....

Hello, Gorgeous

Oh, and don't worry, the pictures won't be blurry from the disc like the way they look on here!