Tuesday, December 8, 2009

exciting things comin'!

So, there are some exciting things coming from CJP! What I am most excited about is that hopefully in the very near future I will be upgrading my camera, lens, and computer!!!! (insert mental picture of me jumping up and down) Also, I will be taking a 5 week course starting January 20th (Thanks Mom for the birthday gift)for people who love photography and want to take better pictures which you can learn more about by clicking here. I am beyond excited, I feel like things are going to start moving in the right direction for me and this so-called "business." Yippee!! I really haven't taken the time to learn even the basics, I just kind of depend on my passion for photography and my natural "talent" to assist me, but I've been wanting to do more for a while now. Also, Sharon Clark of Smitten Photography did some family photos for us Nov. 3oth and they are AMAZING! Click here to see our post on her blog! I hope to be as incredible as she is some day! Hope everyone is doing lovely!

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  1. Hi Cara! I found you via Sharon's blog Smitten. I recently took my photography passion one step further and started a business too. It's been such an amazing experience. Good luck and enjoy learning more about your camera and photography! I'm sure I'll be stopping by again soon.