Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boys will be boys...

Saturday, I FINALLY got to meet Amie for Bradley's 9 month session. We had been trying to schedule it for over 3 weeks, but the weather just was not cooperating. {We love you winter, but we're glad spring showed up this weekend!} Bradley has grown so much since his 6 month shoot, and he's gotten even more handsome! We had so much fun playing! I couldn't believe all of the sounds he was making already and Amie told me he's already trying to walk! He's crawling like a pro and is doing awesome! Amie and Bradley are both so special to me because I've had the privilege to photograph him every 3 months since he was born. It's very encouraging that Amie continues to choose me to capture Bradley and his milestones. He's such a precious, laid back baby, I can't wait to see how much he's grown and developed next time I see him. Amie, thank you for your patience, I'm definitely glad we held out for some great weather! It's clients like you that keep me motivated and for that, I am forever grateful! I hope these are your favorite yet!

~ CJ

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  1. Cara,

    These are beautiful! I can't wait to see them all!!!