Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mini Session with my little man- March 10

Born for it.

A co-worker approached me this past Monday with a questionnaire for me to complete for a department newsletter. He also informed me that another co-worker would be around some time this week to take a quick picture for our bio. I said, "Um, excuse me?" and pointed to my business card (that I probably shouldn't keep out on my desk but I do anyway b/c I'm such a rebel. Ha. I laugh in the face of rules. ok, not really but we're pretending here). He said, "Do you want to do it?" DUH! So, Tuesday and today I was beebopping around taking a photo of practically every single person in our department. Another co-worker who is also my counterpart told me that I seemed extra happy and that it was cute that I was so excited and happy to be photographing everyone (which was a task considering some DID NOT want their picture made). I'm thinking, DUH, I'm happy because this is what I was born to do! I may not be the greatest photographer YET, and I may not have all of the equipment that I want YET, and I haven't done a lot of things that I want to do with my camera and people YET, but the point is people, I'm going to! My dream is in my reach, it's just moving quicker than my wallet! Keep checking back for updates! Love ya'lll SOOOO much! Seriously. I do.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

there are no words.....

ecstatic. nervous. beginning. new. creative. no, those words don't quite cut it. i recently found out that i will be shooting my first wedding! eeeekkkkk! seriously, words cannot describe the emotions i am already feeling! my old hairdresser (i say this VERY loosely because i've only had my hair cut once or twice since she did it last) is getting married and she wants me (and isaac) to do her engagement shoot, bridal portraits, and her wedding! WOW! this is my dream.... and it's coming true. stay tuned for some awesome stuff from CJP! thanks for being so rad!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

They're my idols- even though I don't really like that word. I'm not sure of another word to use though. I'm referring to the photographers blogs that I stalk daily, I love them. They inspire me, encourage me, push me to be better and to dream bigger, and most importantly help me escape from mediocrity to a dream world of what could be. I have gotten more inspiration than imaginable from some awesome photographers, but if I were to be honest, most of my inspiration comes from Jasmine Star and Jamie Delaine. I actually left a comment on one of Jamie's posts the other day and got a personal email reply! A PERSONAL EMAIL REPLY PEOPLE! I was stoked! So, please, if you ever read my blog, please leave a comment. K? K. Anyway- I noticed something while stalking, if they haven't posted something new, I move on to the next one in my internet history. I wonder if they only posted things once every few months if I would even continue to follow them? Hmmm, sound familiar? That's what I do. I spend hours daily, or at least minutes, reading other blogs but I neglect my own. Starting now, I am vowing to be better. If this year is going to be "my year" I've got to get on the ball and own it! I've been thinking a lot recently about 2010 and what I am dreaming will happen. I have really big plans for this business and how I can make the most of it. I have my first engagement session coming up next month, Bridals, and keep your fingers crossed- hopefully a wedding! Can you hear me squealing in excitement? I'm ecstatic! Isaac and I are going to shoot together and we both can't wait to capture your love on camera! Oh man. I am just giddy with excitement for 2010 and what it will bring. Stay tuned for much more from CJP! Thanks for your love and support as always!

Love, CJ