Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

They're my idols- even though I don't really like that word. I'm not sure of another word to use though. I'm referring to the photographers blogs that I stalk daily, I love them. They inspire me, encourage me, push me to be better and to dream bigger, and most importantly help me escape from mediocrity to a dream world of what could be. I have gotten more inspiration than imaginable from some awesome photographers, but if I were to be honest, most of my inspiration comes from Jasmine Star and Jamie Delaine. I actually left a comment on one of Jamie's posts the other day and got a personal email reply! A PERSONAL EMAIL REPLY PEOPLE! I was stoked! So, please, if you ever read my blog, please leave a comment. K? K. Anyway- I noticed something while stalking, if they haven't posted something new, I move on to the next one in my internet history. I wonder if they only posted things once every few months if I would even continue to follow them? Hmmm, sound familiar? That's what I do. I spend hours daily, or at least minutes, reading other blogs but I neglect my own. Starting now, I am vowing to be better. If this year is going to be "my year" I've got to get on the ball and own it! I've been thinking a lot recently about 2010 and what I am dreaming will happen. I have really big plans for this business and how I can make the most of it. I have my first engagement session coming up next month, Bridals, and keep your fingers crossed- hopefully a wedding! Can you hear me squealing in excitement? I'm ecstatic! Isaac and I are going to shoot together and we both can't wait to capture your love on camera! Oh man. I am just giddy with excitement for 2010 and what it will bring. Stay tuned for much more from CJP! Thanks for your love and support as always!

Love, CJ

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  1. Congrats on the engagement and bridals, I can't wait to see what you guys capture and what CJP will become!