Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Concord Kiddos: Alyssa, Kaylee, & Aiden

Amber and I met our friend Erica, her husband, her grandparents, and her adorable nieces and precious son for some fun at Frank Liske Park in Concord last Sunday.

As you can see these kids are simply beautiful and made our "job" so easy! We were so grateful that the clouds parted and the skies cleared to provide some pretty great light and airy breezes!

Eric and Erica, Jim and Tera- Thank you for choosing us to capture such precious moments of your beautiful children!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bessemer City Engagement Photos: Heather and Clint

They met through friends during a night out on the town and talked that night until the golden sun came up. They lived in separate cities at the beginning so Sundays became "their days." Christmas morning, she opened her stocking to find something that she'll wear on her left hand until the end of time, and he was eagerly awaiting her "YES!" He's a small town, laid back gentleman and she's a city social butterfly... but they go together perfectly and it's so obvious by the way they look at one another, the gentle playfulness they share, and their never ending love and support for one another. They're simply perfect for one another and they will be able to scream from the rooftops "WE'RE MARRIED" next April and we can't wait to share in this moment with them!

Isaac and I had the great pleasure of photographing Heather and Clint for their engagement photos. Not only did we walk away enlightened by this amazing couple, but we walked away knowing we had just made two new friends. We also felt a little more love for one another as well, which was definitely a plus!

Isaac captured the following photos! I think he did an incredible job for his first time!

Thank you both sooooo much for choosing us to capture your glorious love! Congratulations on the beginning of your forever!