Monday, April 12, 2010


We've all had a lot of firsts in our lives. From first smiles to first kisses, they all mean something special. As a mother, firsts mean even more to me now because I get the incredible privilege to see (and document) my precious angels first of everything. This weekend a very important first is going to occur for me, my first engagement session, or e-session as I've seen it called!! Haha. Isaac is coming as well and he's using the old Rebel to get some practice before the wedding we're shooting in April 2011!!! I am beyond excited! We have so many fabulous ideas, we can't wait to share them with you on here!!

Another important first coming up is the meeting I am having this Thursday with the graphic designer who is going to help me with my branding. I have some seriously rad ideas about how I want to "look" to all of YOU! I cannot wait!!!!!! Fabulous things are coming from CJP in 2010 my friends! Stay tuned for more firsts!!!

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