Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy 5 Year Anniversary M & G!

Whew! It has been one heck of a week! Our trip home to TN last weekend was so much fun, but also exhausting as usual! When Monday rolled around I was hurting! I made it through the unknown which is Monday and went to bed early (as usual). Tuesday morning I received a call from the daycare that Jonah had already had 3 runny poops (sorry for the detail) and that I needed to pick him up and he would need to be out the following day as well. I cannot tell you how annoyed this makes me. It happens way too frequently and it's ALWAYS due to teething. That's a story for a whole other post though. So, I decided to take a little trip to Myrtle Beach to stay the night with my best friend and her family who were there for vacation. We had a blast but Thursday was rough... just like Monday! Anywho, long story short, I meant to post this way earlier in the week but just haven't had a chance with all of the insanity. However, I think it worked out perfectly considering today is Morgan and Garrett's 5 year anniversary! Anytime I'm "missing" for a few days from the world wide web, just take comfort knowing I'm doing something extremely important- living my life. ;)

Now on to the good part! Morgan and Garrett are the lucky winners of the lasting love story contest! We actually went to Sunday School together and Morgan saw my post on FB and entered immediately. I love that they've been together since 2000- the same year my husband and I got together and their son was born one day before Jonah- so many similarities! They've faced life's challenges together and made it through some extremely difficult times. Marriage is definitely full of ups and downs, but it's such an incredible ride and I'm so excited Morgan and Garrett have lasting love!

Morgan, thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I cannot wait until our shoot later this month! It's going to be so much fun!

The story is so much better from Morgan though:

On August 6th, Garrett and I will be having our 5th wedding anniversary. It all started in February 2000 when I was in 11th grade and he was in 12th. We met inadvertantly on the basketball court at our church. He played ball and I kept score. After the games on Saturday nights several of us would go out to a movie and something to eat. Garrett went out with us on this particular night, but my sister was the one that had the crush on him. Garrett had other plans and didn't care for my sister much. We sat through the movie and after talking through it, we ended up walking out holding hands. This began everything for us. Some how the church became a special place for us because we had our first kiss in the parking lot. At that time, I felt like I was walking on clouds. We dated throughout the rest of high school and college. Knowing that we couldn't afford getting married while in college, we stayed separately at our parents house and traveled back and forth to see one another. While the time felt like it was going to be forever before we would be married and live together, now it feels like it went past in a minute.

February 13th, 2005 Garrett proposed after a dinner at Kabotos. It was great and very surprising. Later that year on August 6th we were married. It was a wedding that was simple and I was so giddy throughout it all. So much so, I couldn't stop bouncing at the wedding. I haven't heard the end of that yet. It wasn't a time to cry, but a time for joy. I was marrying my best friend for the past five years and finally we could share our lives together each other.

Throughout our married life we have looked towards the postive things that have happened. We've bought a house, we added a little munchkin in 2008, and always make sure to take time for ourselves. Times are tough when he goes out of town, but I always look forward to when he gets back home. Our love was really tested earlier this year when we found out we were pregnant with our second child. At 9 weeks we found it was a tubal pregnancy and would have to be removed immediately. This was the first time we were both left speechless with nothing much to say. We loved this little kid and didn't want to give him/her up, but neither I nor the baby would make it through the pregnancy. The weeks after that were tougher on me, but Garrett looked toward the positive side. We had one little boy and we can try again. Now we await whether we are pregnant in the next couple of months. Through a time like that, your love really grows and feels like we can get through anything. Now it's a time to look towards the future and the many years to come.

Stay tuned to CJP blog to see the photos from this session and to see if there are any other contests or exciting news!

Goodnight for now!

Much Love and Hugs,

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