Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the whole story...

I knew I had found the Betts' home when I saw the huge stork in the front yard introducing a new life into the neighborhood. I unloaded my "accessories," stepped up on the porch, and waited for a minute. It had been over a year since I photographed a newborn, which meant it had probably been just as long since I held one. I didn't want to seem awkward or nervous, but I felt just that. I rang the doorbell and George, who also happens to be my manager, answered the door welcoming me and all my madness in. The smile on his face is something I'll never forget as he proudly announced, "he's in here." I walked in to their home, their ultimate place of peace, and Jodi stood up from the couch holding an angel. My nerves lessened as I admired this gorgeous new blessing. My heart filled to the rim, almost spilling the love and joy through my eyes. Newborns just do it to me. And seeing new parents in awe over this precious, tiny person is something that touches my soul the way the ocean does, or the way my own son does. I tried to take it all in, to notice the way George and Jodi looked at one another, and the way they looked at Aiden. George was obviously oozing with pride and Jodi was constantly looking at Aiden in admiration and making sure everything was just right. And it was perfect. He was perfect. They were perfect.

We headed upstairs hunting the light, found it, and got started. The little bean was awake most of our session and as I looked in his eyes through the lens, I could imagine the child he would become, the man he would become. It was refreshing, and gave me new life. I got to meet Casey, their sweet boxer, who made my boxer look like a bull in a china shop. Casey was just as good of a big brother as Walker is, and I just know Aiden and Casey will be the best of friends. We made our way outdoors, and I am so grateful we did, that's where I feel most at home when I'm holding my camera.... and I think Aiden liked it too. We soaked up God's bright, end of summer sunshine, and ended the session under the trees.

George and Jodi, thank you so much for trusting ME to capture these most precious of moments of your new family. You guys are gorgeous, inside and out, and I hope I have the opportunity to continue to watch Aiden grow, no matter if it's from behind the lens or not. Congratulations on your new love, the greatest love you'll ever experience. Never forget these days! I hope you both love these photos even more than I do.

Much Love,

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  1. Cute sweet pictures. I love the one in the nursery and the ones outside are great. Newborns are just the best to photograph. Good job.