Wednesday, November 10, 2010

new cousins

It hadn’t been long since I had pulled in this driveway. The stork was gone though, now there were pumpkins on either side of the door, a gentle reminder of my favorite season – Autumn. George was outside, putting up the WV flag on his house even though his team Syracuse, was playing inside. George’s wife’s brother along with his wife and son, Noah, traveled to NC from their home state of WV for a weekend visit. My job was easy: get some shots of the families, and especially the new cousins, Noah and Aiden, together as a Christmas surprise for Grandma. I can’t wait to hear about her reaction to seeing these photos of the boys together (she thinks Christmas will be the first time they’re together!)!

Thank you all for choosing and trusting me to capture such a special gift! I hope you are thrilled with these memories!

P.S. For the record, I didn't intend on almost every single photo in this post to be black and white. After I had marked my absolute favorites though (out of almost 200) these were what I had chosen. Oh, how I love black and white. Hope you love them too!

Much Love,

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