Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday thoughts and random happenings....

  • I've went back to working on the website.  It HAS to be done by April.  
  • I own the domain name "Cara Justus Photography" now and it feels good.
  • My new blog address (as soon as I figure out how to change it) will be  This also feels good.
  • My first two weddings are two weekends in a row in April.  I am both extremely nervous and excited.
  • Jonah is 2 1/2.  NUTS.  
  • My husband and I are putting more effort into our relationship than we ever have.  The changes are evident, obvious, and lovely.  
  • Spring is here.... hopefully.  It's been a dead, brown winter and I'm over it.  
  • I'm currently sitting in a quiet house on my favorite day of the week.  Loving every minute.  
  • I'm about to get VERY BUSY at work, which I'm looking forward to.
  • I'm taking applications for Charlotte friends.  Like do-things-outside-of-work-at-least-once-a-month kind of friends.  I am an introvert who needs to balance my extrovert side... and fast.  
  • The last bullet point may sound like a joke but it's not.  Well, I'm not really taking applications, but I'm praying.
  • I really want to join a flag football or softball team.  
  • I am working on my "bucket list."  Will post one of these days....
  • The beach is calling my name.  Unfortunately, my wallet is answering for says no.  
  • I STILL need to finish my taxes...  ewwww.
  • My husband made me homemade sugar cookies yesterday while I raked the yard.
  • I am ready to have another baby... but it's not the right time.  

I won't bore you anymore with this boring list with no exclamation points, which I usually use too frequently!!!!!!!  See, I told you.

Honestly though, I am really looking forward to the future- both short term and long term.  I am excited about life, family, God, photography...  just everything.  All the possibilities, all the happiness!  :)

I'll leave you with a few recent photos of me courtesy of Isaac.  We had a "day date" a little over a week ago and decided to go uptown to take some photos of me to use for my website and blog.  We had fun exploring and just being together.  No pressure, no responsibilities.  I think it's an understatement to say that is was much needed for both of us.  :)