Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Johnson Family

I worry a lot about what I write on this blog, even though it's mine.  I type sentences and then delete, re-type and delete, until it's as close to perfect as I imagined it would be.  When I have "writers block"- which I say VERY loosely because I definitely don't consider myself a writer, I usually end up being very vague and simple instead of creating the post I had originally thought about.  I am my biggest enemy and worst critic.  I anxiously wait to hear back from my clients on what they think of their pictures and blog posts because in my heart I want to make sure every single person that hires me falls in love with what I capture with my lens, my eyes, and my heart.  But occasionally, there's someone who notices something else about me.  When I write from my heart and let the world in on my deepest feelings and emotions, my most personal thoughts, my inner treasures something magical sometimes happens.  When Niki saw me at work after she read my Perseverance post she told me that my words had touched her and that she had even began to cry at her desk.  This touched me more than there are words for, it was so personal, so raw, and hardly anyone else commented on it even though it has probably been the most important post I've ever written - to me anyway.  Niki wanted me to take her family photos not only because she likes my style and knows me, but because she appreciates my heart, and I appreciate hers back.  Niki and Jeff- I had so much fun with you both and your sweet, beautiful girls.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and for trusting me to capture your amazing family! 

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