Monday, October 24, 2011

David & Kelly: Charlotte Engagement Photographer

Have you ever noticed how it makes you feel to be around a couple who is absolutely head over heels in love with one another?  Pretty good, eh?  That's how I felt all morning this past Saturday with these two love birds.  They just got engaged October 16th in a hot air balloon above Asheville, NC!  How romantic is that!  I had the privilege of working with David for about a year and he and I got to know one another pretty well since we sat right next to each other.  We basically chatted over the cube wall all day long.  Anyone who knows him knows that he is an outstanding  man, and after finally meeting Kelly on Saturday I decided she's pretty amazing too!  :)  These two are made for each other, and it made me so happy to see "our little David" as we refer to him at work so incredibly happy.  David was so excited about our session, he was our tour guide taking us to each location that he had previously scouted out.  I couldn't have asked for anything more; an amazing, excited couple on an incredible Autumn morning!  It was perfect, see.....

Kelly, you're gorgeous. Period.

One of our "emo" shots...

These next two are definitely in my top 10 list of all time favorites!

David did a great job picking out the perfect ring for his sweet girl!  :)

Kelly- thanks for LOVING my camera with your eyes!  

We finished our shoot with some fun shots in front of the Panthers stadium!  

David & Kelly, thank you so very much for choosing me to capture such an exciting time in your lives. I had the BEST time with both of you and I am so glad I got to spend some time getting to know you, Kelly!  I truly hope I have the opportunity to spend more time with both of you!  

Much Love,


  1. Cara these are beautiful! I love what you wrote too! :) If you ever need me to go on a shoot with you and teach "smizing" (smiling with your eyes) I'm happy to be of service! haha! Thanks again for all your hard work, we really appreciate you!!!


  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! We all adore David and you captured the essence of who he is and the beauty in their love! You are so talented Cara!

  3. I Love them all! Especially the one under the ring picture. Love you guys!!! AUNTIE Tina

  4. David looks like dork. The girl is cute. she must be after Dave's money--is he a rich dork?