Friday, April 6, 2012

Amazing Love

Conversation with Jonah on the way to the grocery store this morning which started by him seeing his school...

Jonah: I want to go to school.
Me: No, you're off today.
Jonah: Why? (yes, we're in the "why" phase)
Me: Because it's Good Friday
Jonah: Why?
Me: Because Jesus died for us.
Jonah: Oh. On the road?
Me: No, on the cross.
Jonah: Why?
Me: So we can go to Heaven.
Jonah: I want to go to Heaven.
Me: I hope you get to some day.
Jonah: Nooooo, I want to go NOW!
Me: No, you have to wait until you're really old.
Jonah: Oh, like you Mom, really old like you?
Me: [laughing] No, when you're a lot older than Mommy.
Jonah: Oh ok.  You wanna go with me Mommy (he asks this a lot too)?
Me: Yes. (what the heck do you say to THAT?)
Jonah: I don't want to go now Mom, I want you to stay with me.  Will you stay with me Mom?
Me: Of course Buddy

It's amazing how such a small person can melt your heart in the most perfect way!  So grateful for my sweet, sweet boy.

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