Sunday, April 29, 2012

A little getaway....

Recently, Isaac and I went home (East TN) so that we could drop Walker and Jonah off with our parents and enjoy some much needed alone time.  We went to Berry Springs Lodge in Sevierville and had an amazing time!  I don't think we even realized how much we needed this time together, to just be husband and wife instead of always being Mom and Dad.  This was the first time we spent a night together away from Jonah since he was born.  We definitely realized we need to do this way more often!  We ate in peace, slept in peace, laughed a ton and just enjoyed being together.  The lodge where we stayed was so nice and had tons of things to do.  While we did do the tourist thing, even though we're from there, we tried to spend ample time at the lodge to enjoy all that it had to offer (and what we had paid for)!  Here are a few photos from our little weekend away.  I didn't take that many because I'm always toting around a camera and I really needed time to relax and to soak it all in.  :)

I'm pretty sure this was the first fish I've ever caught in my life.  I also caught a Large Mouth Bass and a Blue Gill.  :)  

 Sunrises are always my favorite!

 He's reluctant to admit it, but this was the only fish Isaac caught... and he happened to catch it 3 times!

 A self-timer attempt, not the best photo but it's the only one of both of us.

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