Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Love

Our family has thoroughly enjoyed Christmas this year!  We traveled back home to TN two different times for different festivities and loved every busy minute of it.  Alf, our Elf on a Shelf, made his big debut but as it turned out, he was nowhere near as busy as a lot of other elves.  He was sort of lazy.  Jonah didn't really pay him much attention, I'm almost certain that's why.  Maybe next year he'll be a little busier.  Here's a recap of our festivities... I hope you had a joyous Christmas in light of all of the tragedy and sadness that we've all experienced recently.  

Isaac's Mom rents a cabin every year for her and her kids and grandkids to stay in to celebrate Christmas...  It's always a blast, we laugh our bums off, love on each other, goof off, play Bingo (for prizes), eat, and just enjoy our time together!

Siblings at their finest!  Haha!

Isaac's Brother and his pretty girls :)

Jonah & Jayda... cousins who look more like sibings!  They had a BLAST with each other!

My beautiful sister in law!

The Grands :)

Had to sneak in one of just us :)

During this particular trip, we were also celebrating Isaac's Nannie's 80th Birthday!

And, we had to get in some time with my mom (Nana) as well...

My nephew, Lane

And my niece, Destinee :)  

After we got back home we (I) took our Christmas card photos... This is the day that I almost lost my mind... 

THEN, the weekend before Christmas we went home again to go to Dollywood!  I wish I would've taken more pictures but it was FREEEEEZING!  Plus, I just had my little digital.  

We also went and visited my friend Stacy, who moved away to OH around the same time we moved.  She and her family were visiting her TN family for Christmas and we hadn't seen each other in over 2 years!  Here's Jonah and her oldest daughter, Hannah, playing the organ.  :)

And finally.... Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning....

Jonah's Christmas Eve Gift

Later Christmas Eve night with his new jammies on

Santa came...

And finally, his sweet, priceless reaction...

Can you believe I didn't take a single photo of any of us actually opening gifts on Christmas morning? Not even of Jonah.   I usually do but this year, I was just soaking it all in...  It was magical and Jesus was on my heart and mind.  What a miracle his birth was!  I have also been struggling a lot with the tragedy in CT.  The parents of those sweet children and the other families who were missing loved ones were heavy on my heart.  Words cannot express the weight of how this has affected me, and so many others.  I'm so grateful I get to laugh and love with Jonah every day.  We're beyond blessed.

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