About Cara

Hi, I'm Cara Justus.  I'm a Christian, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, and Friend.  I am passionate about a lot of things in this life and photography happens to be one of them.  My other passions include Jesus, my husband and son, horses, my dog (aka our first born - I swear there's a little human inside him), and singing.  I'm so grateful for my amazing husband and sweet son, these boys are the reason I keep getting out of bed!  I also LOVE LOVE the beach and have a supernatural connection to the ocean.  Isaac and I hope to move to the beach at some point in the future, we're just not sure when yet.  My day job is currently with Wells Fargo, I've been in banking for 8 years.  I'm grateful to have a job but I find myself constantly dreaming of what it is God really has planned for me.  I can't wait to continue on this journey of finding out!

Photography has been a love of mine since I got my first 35mm camera back in middle school. Over the years that love intensified, but after our son was born and I sought to document every possible moment and milestone of our sweet blessing, my love for photography grew to another level. I purchased my first Digital SLR in January of 2009 and then upgraded in January of 2010.

I would love to capture you and your family for you. I hope to capture those moments and scenes that cause memories of love to come flooding back to your heart. The laughs, the tears, the toothy and toothless grins of your children, the kisses and hugs of your family, pouty lips and crinkled skin of your newborn, all these things and more is what I want to capture for you.   Most of all, I want to capture the love you share with your family in a photo that makes your heart spill over each time you see it.

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